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Bridging the gap between in person and online

When it comes to online coaching for powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting, we go above and beyond to ensure client success by bridging the gap between virtual and in person coaching.

Our experience is built on 1000s of documented coaching hours in the gym and at national and international level competitions in the IPF and IWF.

There is a reason why we are the largest online coaching business in the region, with 100s of clients trusting us with their progress and competition success, from club level all the way to the world stage.

In the last two years our team has gathered over 100 medals at club, national and international level.

How does it work?

  • Book an initial consultation to collect information about your training
  • If the coach is satisfied that you are eligible for online coaching, you will then subscribe to the service through our online channels
  • Once subscribed, the coach will spend a few days preparing your calendar and your first training block
  • The program is delivered through our custom training app, which online clients get to access for free
  • The coach will spend some time explaining the program and set expectations
  • Your coach will start collecting training data from the first session
  • Constant program updates, followed by weekly or monthly check-ins and reviews to make sure you stay on track

Package options

Discover the Desert Barbell Training App

If you are not ready for full time online coaching, but still want to follow a good quality program, with coaching feedback and community support, then subscribe to our training app - only $29 per month!

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  • 20+ training programs for powerlifting and strength training
  • 100+ instructional and support videos
  • Community support with coaches Q&As
  • Fully customizable training calendar
  • Accurately track all your training data

Only $29 per month!

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