Our areas of experise

Making progress through strength training

We work with a diverse range of clients across a wide range of training goals. Here are some of our areas of expertise and how we help our clients achieve their goals through the application of strength training principles.

General strength training

Through the application of strength training-focused personal training, we help our clients unlock the benefits that come with strength training. If your goal is to build strength and improve your overall wellbeing then this is for you, speak to us to learn how you can unlock the benefits of strength training.

Strength training for elderly

We pay special consideration to our older clients. As you age, fall risks become higher. We set training plans to not only improve strength through improved muscle and bone density, but we also work on balance and coordination to help reduce fall risks.

Weight management

Weight management is linked to nutrition. We help clients understand their nutrition to support their training goals and get the results they want.

Muscle development and toning

Building muscle does not need to be challenging. With the right programming, varying training stimulus and a positive training environment, you should see results within a few weeks. Supported by a good nutrition plan, you are well on your way to feeling great. Our focus is on building good quality muscle to support a healthy lifestyle while also building your confidence.

Cardio based training and conditioning

With specialized equipment and vast coaching experience, we help clients build training capacity and improve cardiovascular health to improve your overall health and wellness. We won't kill you every session. Our philosophy is built on sustainability where we use balanced programs to manage fatigue helping you to stay committed to the process.

Post injury training and pain management

Coming back from injury or currently dealing with an injury? Talk to us and let's put a plan together to get you back to training.

Sports specific strength training

Sports specific strength coaching to build strength and boost performance. From running to cycling to rugby and football, we've got you covered.

Coaching for Powerlifting

Whether you are a total beginner that wants to compete in the sport of Powerlifting, or you are a seasoned athlete looking to make progress and compete in bigger competitions, then look no further because you have come to the right place. We are the market leaders in Powerlifting in the UAE. Our team of coaches have experience both competing and coaching athletes from novice to the World Stage. Our team is supported by the best equipped Powerlifting gym in the region.

Coaching for Olympic style Weightlifting

A team of specialist Olympic Weightlifting Coaches, supported by a dedicated and well equipped weightlifting area this is the place for your to learn and progress in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

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