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Why strength?

stronger aging

Strength training has a wide range of physical and health benefits. From countering the aging process by supporting muscle and bone density, to increased metabolism, improved mobility and more. If you want to learn how strength training can help you, and tap into the benefits of strength training, then book a consultation and let us guide you through the process.

Why do personal training with us?

trusted by hundreds of clients

Utilizing the latest scientific research, decades of training data and experience gained from coaching clients at all experience levels, we simplify the science of strength training so you can be confident in our process and get the results you want. Our team of experienced and qualified Strength Coaches work with everyone from total gym beginners to world class athletes.

Our areas of excellence

Our personal trainers and strength coaches have the qualifications and experience to help you make real progress

Strength training – all ages, improve strength, muscle tone and mobility

Powerlifting & Olympic Weightlifting - expert coaching for all ages and experience levels

Nutritional coaching – for weight management and performance based training

Post injury training – get back into the gym safely, build your confidence

Sports specific training – get stronger for your sport, minimize non-contact injuries

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Everyone has a unique story

Its time to create your strength story

Personal training packages

For those who are serious about making progress

What to consider before buying:

  • For training once a week, we suggest buying a 5 pack. This is also ideal for people who do premium online coaching and want regular in-person session support.
  • If you plan on training twice a week, then consider a 10 pack as this will give a good balance between price and convenience.
  • Training 3 or more times per week, then consider a 20 session package or higher for the best rate per session.
  • Higher training frequencies produce better results over time. Training at least 3 times per week is optimal.
  • Take a look at our 12-Week Strength Program for the best rate on PT and club membership

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We put the personal in personal training

  • Maximize time and results

    With our unique coaching system you can be sure to get the most out of your 1 hour training session with us.

  • Only pay for what you want

    If your plan is to only do personal training then we won't force you to buy a membership with us. Only pay for what you want.

  • Share with family

    Strength gains for the whole family - Buy 10 or more personal training sessions and share it with your family at no extra cost.

  • We give you more options

    From a range of personal training packages to our 12 Week Strength Program and flexible payment plans.

  • Expert coaching

    Training sessions conducted by experienced and qualified coaches so you can be sure to get the results you want.

  • Exclusive training tools

    Gain access to the Desert Barbell Training App and exclusive access to Desert Barbell training resources.

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We are serious about your success

We make it easy to stay invested in the process

Our coaches use a variety of tools to ensure the best possible personal training experience with us. From our premium gym equipment to our custom strength training app, so you can measure your progress and stay invested in the process.

Whether you are totally new to the gym, coming back from an injury or looking for expert coaching to take your strength & fitness to the next level, our team of friendly and professional personal trainers are ready to support you.

Our team of coaches carry many years of experience supported by relevant qualifications and certifications. We invest in regular training and development for our team so you can be sure to get the best possible service. No matter your starting point or skill level, we are ready to help you.

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Personal training at Dubai's premier strength gym

We are located in Al Qouz Industrial Area 4, near Dubai Hills and Al Barsha South with easy access to Umm Suqeim Street.

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