Tips for your First Competition

So, you’ve just signed up for your first powerlifting meet? Great, you have taken the first step!

Now, we know you must be filled with a mix of excitement and nerves. That is completely normal. So, with that in mind, here are some tips to help make your day the most enjoyable!

First, Get A Coach.

This is a sure way to help you get prepared as much as possible. Your coach is not only responsible for your programme but also your attempts come meet day. This means you can just concentrate on lifting well and enjoying the experience as much as possible! Luckily for you, Desert Barbell is full of experienced game day coaches who can set you up for a successful day! Meet the team.


Train to comp standard, meaning squat to depth, pause your bench press, do not drop the bar in a deadlift to name a few. Train like you will compete, which also means practice, practice and practice all competition lifts with commands. Know the rules inside and out. Check all your equipment is approved well in advance - a safe bet here is to go with SBD Apparel UAE as all SBD equipment is approved for IPF competitions. A good tip is to watch an IPF meet, either in person or on a live stream to get an eye for what a good lift looks like. As luck would have it, all past Power Meets are still available on YouTube. Check them out!  

Thirdly, Open Conservative.

Your openers for squat, bench press and deadlift should be something you can be very confident in being a good lift. A number that you can do for a triple on a normal training day for example. Go in and get your name on the board and move up from there making realistic jumps!

Lastly, Have Fun!

Your first competition serves as a chance to learn how to compete. Do not cut weight to squeeze into a lighter weight class. Go in fueled and ready to perform your best with the aim of going 9/9. Pack your bag the night before making sure you have all your clothing and equipment for all 3 lifts along with your post weigh in meal/drinks.

If you would like help with getting ready to step onto the platform for the first time, contact us on here by clicking the link below or come by the club where we can chat about how to get you started!

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