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Black Bumper Plates - NomadStrengthCo (Pair)

Black Bumper Plates - NomadStrengthCo (Pair)

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Introducing NOMAD LoCo Bumper Plates – where affordability meets quality. These bumper plates feature the standard 45 cm diameter and are designed to be within 2% of their nominal weight. Here's why they're an economical yet dependable choice, offering a level of quality that's often hard to find in plates of this price range:

  1. Diameter: NOMAD LoCo Bumper Plates adhere to the standard 45 cm diameter, making them a versatile addition to your weightlifting setup, compatible with most bars and equipment.

  2. Precision Weight Tolerance: These plates are engineered to be within a tight 2% range of their nominal weight. This level of precision ensures consistency in your lifts and a reliable training experience.

  3. Affordable Quality: NOMAD LoCo Bumper Plates offer an economic solution without sacrificing quality. They provide the durability and performance you need for your workouts, even on a budget.

  4. Steel Rings for Durability: Enhanced with steel rings, these plates are built to withstand the rigors of regular use, ensuring they maintain their integrity over time.

  5. Quality Rubber Construction: Crafted from quality rubber, these bumper plates deliver a controlled drop, making them ideal for Olympic lifting, powerlifting, and CrossFit workouts.

Elevate your fitness journey with NOMAD LoCo Bumper Plates. They may be budget-friendly, but they're rich in quality and reliability, making them a valuable asset in your strength training routine. Join the ranks of those who appreciate the value of affordable, high-performance equipment, and experience the difference these plates bring to your workouts.

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