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Desert Barbell

Cast Iron Plates - NomadStrengthCo (Pair)

Cast Iron Plates - NomadStrengthCo (Pair)

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Introducing the NOMAD Deep Dish Cast Iron Plates - where tradition meets quality. These plates feature a standard Olympic 45 cm diameter and an assurance of being within 2% of their nominal weight. Here's why they're a standout choice, offering a level of quality seldom found in plates of this price range:

  1. Timeless 45 cm Diameter: These plates adhere to the standard Olympic 45 cm diameter, making them a versatile addition to your weightlifting regimen, compatible with a wide range of bars and equipment.

  2. Exceptional Precision: NOMAD Deep Dish Cast Iron Plates are guaranteed to be within a mere 2% of their nominal weight. This level of precision ensures consistency in your lifts and a reliable training experience.

  3. Quality Beyond Price: Despite their affordability, these plates deliver a level of quality that is rarely seen in similarly priced options. You can trust them to withstand the rigors of your training for years to come.

  4. A Nod to Favorites: Paying homage to some of our favorite plates on the market, these plates combine the best elements of design and functionality, embodying the essence of tried-and-true fitness equipment.

Elevate your weightlifting game with NOMAD Deep Dish Cast Iron Plates. They may be affordable, but they're rich in quality and tradition, making them the perfect choice for anyone serious about their strength journey. Join the ranks of those who appreciate the value of reliable, precision-crafted equipment, and experience the difference these plates bring to your workouts.

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