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Desert Barbell

Deadlift Bar - NomadStrengthCo

Deadlift Bar - NomadStrengthCo

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  1. Unleash the Beast: This bar is not for the faint of heart. With extraordinarily aggressive knurling, it's designed to help you conquer your deadlift goals like never before.

  2. Raw Steel Power: Featuring a bare steel shaft and hard chrome sleeves, the NOMAD BEAST BAR exudes strength and durability that matches your relentless drive.

  3. Sumo Stance Advantage: Experience almost no knurling after the rings, reducing drag against your legs in a sumo stance, giving you the edge in your deadlift form.

  4. Maximize Whip: The BEAST BAR boasts larger collars, strategically positioned to shift the weights for maximum whip, ensuring you get that explosive lift every time.

  5. No Center Knurl: Say goodbye to the center knurl – this bar is tailored for deadlifting perfection without any interference.

  6. Optimal Dimensions: With a 27 mm diameter and weighing 20 kg, the NOMAD BEAST BAR strikes the perfect balance between agility and power.

  7. Engineered for Powerlifters: Crafted by Kuwaiti engineers who are avid powerlifters themselves, you can trust that this bar is designed to meet and exceed the demands of serious lifters.

Elevate your deadlifting game to a whole new level with the NOMAD BEAST BAR. It's more than just a barbell; it's a declaration of your dedication to pushing boundaries and achieving greatness in your strength journey. Join the ranks of the BEAST DUDE and those who aim higher, lift heavier, and conquer every deadlift challenge.

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