3 accessories to improve your Squat, Bench and Deadlift

At Desert Barbell, we programme accessories for a majority of reasons, these can range from  strength, hypertrophy, rehab, working on weak points or even just for fun to add some variety away from the big three. However, accessories can actually be hugely beneficial for your squat, bench and deadlift when performed with intent. 


Here are 3 accessories that you can include in your powerlifting training program to help with strength training for your squat, bench press and deadlift:

1- Struggling to control your shoulders in the bench press?

Lat Pulldowns can improve scapular retraction, depression and thoracic extension for bench. Think about driving your shoulders away from your ears as you initiate the movement.

2 - Struggling to maintain torque at the hips in the squat?

Leg Press can improve hip stability for the squat. Really think about “twisting your quads away” as you perform the movement. Watch the demo video with Coach Dan.

3 - Struggling to maintain your brace in the deadlift?

RDLs can improve breathing and bracing for both deadlifts and squats. Start from the top and really set your brace as you maintain a neutral position all the way down and back up.

When performing your accessory movements, It is important to know WHY you are doing this particular movement in order for you to reap the full benefits so make sure you ask your coach why they chose this exercise. Treat your accessories just as you would your powerlifting lifts, move with intent and progressively overload where possible. And remember, accessories aren't just there to be skipped!

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