5 reasons to start powerlifting 

Whether you want to improve your body composition and lose couple of kilos, get stronger or improve your overall health here is why you might need to try a powerlifting program.

#1 - It’s really simple
There are only 3 lifts you need to be doing, so you can actually focus on details of each one rather than doing so many things at once. Get the basics down quickly.
Especially if you are a beginner and never trained with weights before, learning the technique of a main lift like Squat Bench and Deadlift, you are creating a solid foundation for your future training progress. 
#2 - It supports weight loss
Powerlifting is a strength training approach, where you constantly work on your muscles. By doing so it helps to build muscle mass and increase your metabolic rate, so you lose weight faster. Here is how one of our members lost 22 kgs with powerlifting
#3 - Increase bone density
Strength training and training for powerlifting helps to maintain bone density, which helps to counter the aging process of the body. By improving your bone health you are able to improve and maintain your overall fitness and mobility in the long term.
#4 - Get stronger 
To be physically stronger may increase your quality of life and increase your ability to do your daily activities. Whether you need to move your furniture or carry groceries, powerlifting training will help you to be more independent when you age and also make your joints stronger.
#5 - It’s fun
Lifting weight you never lifted before is fun to do, it is really rewarding and feels great. Being able to see your progress and ability to lift that much weight will make you feel more confident, keep you motivated and help you to stay invested in the process - something that so many people struggle with on their fitness journey. 
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