How to improve scapular stability

If you are trying to find progress on your squat, bench press or deadlift then you MUST pay attention to Scapular Stability.

What is it?

Scapular Stability is one of the Universal Truths of improving your squat, bench press and deadlift, and if you are a powerlifter and interested in strength training then this is important for you.

Scapular mobility allows us to maintain a good position under load and drives overall stability of the system. Want to learn more about universal truths? Then take a look at our Strength Coach courses and educations.

In order for the shoulders to be in an optimal position(stable), the shoulder blades (scapular) must be used effectively to give support for your Upper Back when you are performing any of the powerlifting movements, namely the squat, bench press and deadlift.

That means your scapular must be able to:

  • Retract (come together)
  • Depress (move downwards)
  • Tilt (angle forwards/backwards)

Through addressing those motions in your shoulders you will discover the feeling of stability. You can also prevent your shoulder from pain and even injury.

So how do you improve scapular stability?

It is important to engage in exercises that target the muscles responsible for stabilizing the shoulder joint. Some examples include using tempo and pause variations of the squat, bench press and deadlift.

Want to know which particular exercise variations you need to be adding if shoulder stability is something you are currently struggling with? Then book a consultation with one of our coaches let us guide you.

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