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Desert Barbell

3 session technique assessment package

3 session technique assessment package

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The 3 session technique assessment package is designed for people looking to get feedback on the squat, bench press and deadlift. This includes video feedback and technical analysis.

  • 3 personal training sessions, 1 hour each. Each session will focus on one of the lifts
  • Package valid for 1 month

What else you should know?

  • Our personal training packages offer great flexibility for clients
  • You can cancel or reschedule your sessions up to 6PM the day before your session
  • Our packages offer generous validity periods so you lower the risk of loosing sessions should you have changes to your work or travel schedule

Only pay for what you want! We don’t require our personal training clients to have a membership to avail personal training and coaching services. If you only plan on doing personal training with us in Dubai with a coach while you are at the club, then you only need to have an active package. Only if you choose to train by yourself at the club, outside of your assigned personal training session time, then you will need to have a membership.

Why Personal Training with Desert Barbell?

Make a shift towards a more empowering and positive fitness journey with the best personal trainers in Dubai. When you opt for personal training with Desert Barbell, you are embarking on a journey that offers clear, impactful, and rewarding outcomes. We work closely with our clients to create tailored one-on-one sessions to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our training philosophy is simple, where building strength forms the foundation, and simple means that anyone can start with us and see great results.

Personal Training Terms & Conditions

Personal Training Ts&Cs and updated policies

  • Bookings: We know you want to keep up the momentum so please make sure your account is up to date. Clients can only book sessions with an active package. If a client has no credits, or has an outstanding invoice, they will not be able to book a session. You may request a payment link to renew your package or visit the Club to renew and book your PT session with your assigned coach.
  • Cancellations, changes and the 6PM rule: We know life happens so we try to give you as much time as possible to decide if you will make it to your session. The 6PM rule means that clients have up to 6PM the day before their session takes place to cancel or make changes to their session. If a client cancels or changes their session after this time, they will be charged for the session and the credit will be deducted from your account. Keep in mind that if you book a session with one of our coaches, it means we had to say no to someone else.
  • No shows and late arrivals: We put a lot of pressure on our team to be punctual to sessions, so if a client misses a sessions or is more than 15 minutes after the scheduled start, the sessions will be cancelled and charged to your account and the credit deducted. It is up to the coaches discretion how to manage the time for late arrivals but please keep in mind that the coach may not be able to give you the full hour. The same goes for us, if a coach is late we will credit the session back to your account.
  • Refunds: We are just as committed as you are so when we sign you up as a client we are all in. This means there are no refunds​ for personal training packages, regardless of how many sessions are remaining in your package.
  • Transfers and sharing: You can transfer or share your PT package with a family member or friend provided that it still fits within the coaches schedules, and does not exceed the package expiry date
  • Session validity: Sessions expire after a certain time if not utilized. Each package will specific the length of validity, if in doubt, please ask your coach. No refunds will be permitted on expired sessions.
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