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Online Coaching - manual charge for missed payment

Online Coaching - manual charge for missed payment

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Online Coaching Terms & Conditions

Online Coaching Ts&Cs and updated policies

  • Payment and program delivery: ​Payment for online coaching can only be done online through our payment partner to create a subscription and recurring billing. You will be billed on the same day each month going forward. The program will only be delivered once the payment is made. If billing fails, your sheet will be removed until payment is completed.
  • Initial period: There is an initial period of 3 months in which the online coaching subscription cannot be cancelled. It takes time to collect data and build accurate programs. Cancellation may only happen in exceptional circumstances and can only be approved by sending a request to If the request is approved your subscription will be be cancelled, but the current month will not be refunded.
  • Initial consultation to start: The initial consultation can only take place once the recurring billing is setup. You can ask for a delayed payment date, however the subscription should be active at the time of the consultation. The consultation should take place no less than 7 days before the desired start of the program. We spend time building customized programs and we want to ensure we have considered everything.
  • Refunds, freezing and cancellations: No refunds are provided under any circumstances for online coaching as the work will have already taken place before the start of the new months. If you wish to cancel your online coaching subscription you must write to us at no later than 5 days before your billing date. We do not offer freeze periods for online coaching. If you wish to stop for a period of time, you will need to reapply to join our online coaching team and will be assigned a coach based on availability.
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